Money-Back Guarantee - Stiac | Engineering Firm

Money-Back Guarantee - Stiac | Engineering Firm

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How it works?

  1. Payment MethodPayment Method

    Payment Method

    To be eligible for our money-back guarantee policy, during the checkout process select the payment methods that carry the "7 Day Money-Back Guarantee" badge and complete the purchase process normally.

  2. Activate WarrantyActivate Warranty

    Activate Warranty

    If you notice a defect or the product does not meet your expectations, you can request activation of your guarantee within seven days, by sending the request to our Customer Service.

  3. Get RefundGet Refund

    Get Refund

    Our team will carefully analyze your request to better verify the problem and propose a solution. You will be able to choose for a refund or a credit code to use on future purchases.


  • The guarantee can be activated at any time within seven days from the fulfillment of your order, only on products sold and managed by us. It is not valid on services such as Hosting Plans etc.. After seven days this 100% money back guarantee will no longer be valid.

  • You can ask for a refund for any reason, such as if the product does not meet your needs or for other reasons.

  • No. The refund is only applicable if you have selected the payment method showing the "7 Day Money-Back Guarantee" budget. We reserve the right to deny a refund if we detect any abuse of the guarantee.

  • No. This guarantee provides protection and reimbursement only for the costs of the product you are purchasing. Additional costs due to shipping or transaction costs will not be refunded.

  • Refund time may vary depending on the payment method selected. It usually takes up to 6 - 7 working days.

  • You can choose for a partial refund if the product has a bug that you can fix yourself or request the full refund. You will be refunded the amount on the payment method or a credit code for future orders.

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